Date: 16.03.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a


Charter 2 with the Shelly boys and the Irelands gang.

What a trip. Started out with beaut, blue, sun drenched days on our own at clean Lances and Maccas. The boys getting plenty of sessions alone in the coming days. Precision timing and calculated moves scoring the boys what they came for in the increasingly challenging weather and conditions as the trip progressed. Unfortunately Robo had to call it quits mid trip due to a serious lower leg injury which saw him safely on a plane with Ivor, back home for an op. As the boys bowed out of  a very worthy day at Maccas in a mates come first dash to port. We were back out there and perfectly positioned for the next scenario with more empty sessions on the plate. Some dirty weather about, with the Mango moving about in comfort on the downwind runs, meant we hardly noticed  it. Got a glimpse when we were suited up and charging for another empty gold sesh in the good ol Foxy. Gotta love that boat. We scored plenty of fish too with 3 solid Spanish Macks and a Mahi Mahi on the menu. Enjoy the pics boys

Regards M



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