Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 17.06.17
Swell: 2-7ft
Wave Frequency: n/a

Another classic Mango trip! The boys certainly scored with beautiful conditions that were often enjoyed alone or with minimal company. Sam brought along his “mini me” son, Lennox, who at 14 is coming of age as a barrel charging airman. No doubt we will be seeing more of him on a pro circuit in the coming years. Lennox also brought his mates, Caleb and Ben, who were equally ripping at the same level. ‘Rico’ the machine from Vicco scored the highest wave count with Sam and Guy always the first in the water each day. Sam won the award as the deepest charger and even picked up a few stitches for his efforts. Locky, “the snow leopard,” always looked forward to the rare onshore breeze so he could put on an airshow. Ben’s dad, Graeme, was captain holiday and ensured everyone was relaxed and enjoying the ride. Swilly the gun photographer was there to capture all the action in and out of the water as they unfolded. Good one all round fellas.

– Capt. Mark


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