Date: 17.08.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The Nomad team has once again rounded out another surf hunt through the Sumatran Islands in classic form. Although faced with some challenging conditions at times the New Zealand boys were always keen to put the effort in and go the extra mile in search of greener pastures and it certainly paid off.

Traveling in cruising comfort by night to new locations in the Nomad and then sniffing around by day in our mighty speed boat “The Boomerang” we were able to put the boys on the best waves at any time of the day depending on swell, tides, winds leaving the pack in our wake.

The New Zealand boys represented their country well, consistently getting barrelled and cracking crispy lips from sun up to sun down and they even almost managed to clean me out of Bintangs, good form in and out of the water lads, and one night under a starry Sumatran sky whilst enjoying our dinner we received an ambush attack of eggs from the Mangalui boys, hardly a second went by and the boy were in battle and peppered the Mango boys with anything we could find in Hotmans fridge until they were forced to weigh anchor and run for cover.

This was by far the biggest and most fun food fight i have ever experienced.

Enjoy the pics, once again you really missed it. More stories to come.

– Capt. Albert.

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