Date: 18.04.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

As we set sail from Padang the weather was looking a little ominous but all the work that had been put into her over the off season, with extra ballast to steady the Nomad in a heavy sea way. Along with the new saloon for the guests to eat dinner and enjoy a couple of quite ones really paid off.

We reached the islands and the sea state was still a little messed up, but the boys where keen to shake off the previous nights travels and where straight amongst it. As the day wore on the conditions settled and we made tracks to find a more quite location. With our fast boat the boomerang at the ready we would dart off at the first sign of a change in the weather and its was feeling like we where the only blokes in the island chain at times.

As the trip wore on and the conditions continuing to improve, with the lads scoring some absolute Indonesian perfection, with few others around. The guys really made the most of what the islands can offer with “One More Mikey” seeming to never get out of the water. The boys where continually asking where had “Inside Jonny” disappeared too but as we would find out looking over the photos at night with a couple of cold ones, he was catching absolutely everything jagging some screamers on the way.

While Budgie was pulling into to barrels whatever way they be served up to him, goofy or natural. “Jonny Recon” would be out there to test drive anything that slightly resembled surf, giving the boys a list of waves surfed as long as your arm. There was some grommet abuse too but get those photos up in the smokeo shed at work grommo and I know who’ll be having the last laugh.

Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

– Capt Adrian

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