Date: 18.08.17
Swell: 2-4 ft
Wave Frequency: 13 secs

Nomad headed north for the 13th voyage of 2017, to Telo, Nias and Aceh.

Halfway through through the longer than usual crossing on the first night we were confronted by a big black storm but Nomad being solid to take on any seas the crew battern down the hatches and hoisted the sails for a bit more confort and speed. Nomad powered on through the night arriving at South Telo to get a morning surf in at some playful waves in a bay tucked away from the winds.

We picked up Alex, joining the trip from RLZ and kept motoring and sailing north. The over night run was on a perfect ocean and arriving at dawn in Hinako to be the only boat in the channel and some waves with a little more power behid them to test the limits.

The next few days was spent surfing some lesser known spots along the Nias mainland before heading up to Aceh.

Arriving on day 5 with the swell pulsing from the south we motored up to the Banyaks and were warmly welcomed with a flawless right hand point break set up running down the island.

With the swell hanging in and the wind being straight offshore all day it was time to sit tight and enjoy the fruits of the long journey now behind us.

As time starting the get the better of us we set sail putting in the miles and skipping the waves on the way down and headed back to Telo to wrap up a great trip ending right where we kicked off in the same bay.

To end a great trip on our sail home, right as the sun was setting the reel starts screaming with a monster fish giving us a show jumping in the air. We were able to land a beautiful Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish). The moral was high and everybody was stoked.

What a trip to be part of, thanks fellas.


Captain Jake

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