Date: 19.12.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Pommy Crew Plus 1

Dec 3 – Dec 19

Mango’s  last voyage of the year found us alone most of the time on this 16 night foray. Huey threw a swell our way and the Poms granted Kenno honoury Cornwall citizenship by the second Bintang session. What more could you ask Santa for (except maybe a  little less devil breeze gnawing up Macca’s face). Then there was that fun at the start when the Doc “came agutsa” on the reef, receiving 19 stitches and a skull flush from the Skipper, a bit of role switching there, only to put the job to the test the following day, head butting the overhead bunk to rack up a couple more stitches on the same wound.

Baz kept us all amused with his razor sharp memory, whilst Lucifer battled to keep his boardies in one piece. Good to see Dave (another Mango veteran), still putting in heaps of water time too whilst Kenno lapped up his Bush barrels. Good company fellas, home just in time for Christmas. Happy New Year from all the Mango crew, Cheers

– Mark


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