Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 20.03.17
Swell: 2-4ft
Wave Frequency: n/a

The first Mango experience for this Vicco crew had some of the boys a little green around the gills on the passage out. Luckily for those, it was only for a few hours before the ferryman had collected his dues and the sea settled back into an easy rhythm.

The next morning provided a good warm up sesh with a few solid sets to get the fellas settled into their two week jaunt among the islands. Plenty of variety, quality time on our own and a guaranteed wave every day is what we aim for. A bit of exploring and of course there’s always a few classic fishing sessions going down aboard the Foxy Lady. This trip saw dogtooth tuna, trevally, barracuda, coronation and coral trout all finding their way either onto the Mango barbecue or the sashimi plate.

Good to meet you all fellas, enjoy those 9000 odd pics eh, Cheers





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