Date: 20.08.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Welcome back to the WA crew and Northern Californian boys, joining forces for an enjoyable foray throughout the Island chain.The Mango n Foxy’s capability of being two places at once, ensured everyone found a wave to suit their taste.

Always keen for the arvo fishing jaunts Loz pulled in the catch of the trip with a solid Doggie destined for the sushi plate, and how was Lester’s valiant rescue of that tasty looking, strapping young juvenile doggie. With the passion of seasoned greenie, diving in there to intercept the young fella before he felt the cold hard steel of the bleeding knife. It all happened so fast, he didn’t even get in a quick kiss. Still, Rex Hunt would have been beaming with pride.

Tough luck for those sushi addicts who were slightly stunned but never the less very impressed with the display of heroism and conviction…….and who would argue with a 7 ft cyborg anyway. Good on ya Lester, as usual putting in the most water time, always stoked and making the most of every available surfing sesh.

There are those that still believe you have some mechanical bits built into ya. Spot was hot on ya heels there though, racking up barrel time and losing his heart to the gem that is Maccas. Also have to thank Karsten too for his care of some of the sore n aching bodies about, whipping out his acupuncture needles and healing hands to attend to those in need. Anthea, always a smile on ya dial eh, and Stevo, what can I say mate…….bloody legend.


Cheers guys.

– Mark

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