Date: 21.08.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Sydney’s Northern Beaches were represented this past trip on the Nomad by a group of friends and family onboard. A couple of father and son teams which is always great to see. The surf stoke spanning over generations from the very spot that surfing was first introduced into the Australian lifestyle by the great Duke.

The crew acquired their sea legs in the most ordinary of fashion, ‘sick as dogs’ you might say for some of the lads. But with a surf in the morning to wash off the dusty road of travel everyone was starting to look rosy and chomping at the bit for some surf action. The hard work was done, time for some fun.

The plan was to start north and work our way south and pick up a late starting scallywag on the way. The swell was on. The wind limiting the options, but we scored anything from shoulder high fun to double overhead bombs for Drew who showed the way in the big stuff. A few days of this then we headed south, that’s when Paul started dragging kilo’s of fish over the aft deck. We found our scallywag, who had already been scuttled over the reef. Had a surf in some solid conditions at a well known left and continued our sail south.

We woke up to some solid pits spitting mist over the breakfast table and the frothing crew charging straight out into the line up. Scott and brother Alex got some great waves but senior took the round. Andrew charged as usual bro Richard was slotted backside, styling as per normal and Dan having a good crack as well. Adrenalin filled fun.

We found some cruiser waves as we travelled on, this would be where Bill starting showing a return to form. Showing the young lads that he’s still got what it takes to ‘cut the mustard’ in the Ments. At 64 years old its inspiring for all. I hope my body holds out to do the same. Still plenty of swell about we scored a well known but often overlooked wave for a great session by ourselves. Andy that was epic trading off waves when the others had enough. Two goofy’s making the most, good times.

With swell fading and more swell predicted in a couple days we continued south. We did some exploring, climbing, fishing, snorkelling. Tristan the photo wizard, fishing with cameras instead of hooks?? And the classic who could make a lure from a Bintang can? Turns out ‘No one Can’. We caught some fish had some fun, time to surf again. We finished off the trip with some nice lefts. Not what we targeted for but a pretty damn nice consolation prize.

A beautiful sail home and a great trip with a top bunch of blokes. Great to meet everyone, was a never a dull moment.


Thanks guys – Chad.

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