Date: 02.12.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Check out 13 days deep in the holy waters of Indonesia aboard the mighty Mangalui through the eyes of Captain Matthew “Albert” Branson.

Day 1

After a glorious crossing this is the equally glorious opening session, Harv is wasting no time in sniffing out a nice tube and Dennis winding up to start throwing buckets.

Day 2

Earlier in this day we actually surf a much better quality left until a really intense storm blew it to pieces, after the skies cleared and it was safe to go outside we jumped in the Foxy and sniffed out this little right for some afternoon fun.

Day 3

Tubes for breakfast fish for dinner.

Day 4

A run up the coast gave us some bigger waves on a dropping swell here Daz and dangerous Dave getting right into the action.

Day 5

Harv in another tube the boys had a field day here and when the wind swung Walter knew just the place to go and hide.

Day 6

Bintang fever hit the boat.

Day 7

Finally after shaking off the fever the boys had a couple of fun sessions here, natural footers were very pleased!!

Day 8

Here is a shot of Harv finally not in the tube but deffently getting ready for a few turns.

Day 9

After a spike in the swell over night we quickly jumped into the foxy and rocked up to this and the boys had this little playground to themselves.

Day 10

Another epic day, clean, sliky smooth ocean and lively swell gave us a wave buffet we just had to choose our flavor. Harv getting barreled off his brains and dangerous Dave about too.

Day 11

As the swell started to ease back us natural footers had to leave Walter here on that left and had this great little session on some tasty rights.

Day 12

Just another dreamy arvo bash. Crooked fresh after his massage looking loose and limber backside and Harv loosing his mind frontside.

Day 13

Early morning solace. Crooky enjoying the solitude.


Good Times. . . .

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