Date: 23.06.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The Nomad has pretty much just dropped anchor back in Padang and another group of legends have parted company exhausted and blown away with amazing memories and stories that only can be found in these parts of Indonesia.

With perfect Sumatran weather and some nice swells frequently hitting the Islands we lucked into an all time trip ducking and weaving from bay to bay and point to point. Thanks to the fast boat “The Boomerang” we were able to surf a lot of the prime locations and some others with very little to no crowds on waves that pretty much had something on offer for every one.All the boys on the boat made the most of these conditions and put in some serious time in the water which was great to see the Nomad boys soaking up their good fortune.

Once again the boats getting ready to head straight back out tomorrow on a Treasure hunt up North.

See you soon.

Capt Albert.

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