Date: 23.07.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Back in Padang again guys after another great West Sumatran adventure. Mother nature certainly served it up to us on our crossing, with the boys from Newy and Coffs proved what saltly sea dogs they where getting straight in the water at first light for some epic barrels on day one. Keefy had a slight encounter with the bottom but that didn’t dampen his spirits with some classic tales of past treasure hunts before getting back in the water to show us how it is done. We sped around the Islands in our fast boat the boomerang staying a step ahead of the crowds. But that couldn’t stop the boys sharing a few party waves, with Skivo finding it hard to remember if he was in the water or still on the footy field.

All the while Curran and Jay jay battled it out for supreme barrel master with almost as much time behind the curtain as out. Berg’s and Davo where laying down turns Hoyo would be proud of. With Timmy P making the most of the endless left hand barrels as the only goofy footer on the trip. Mitch looked at home in the barrel in some hideaway locations as Almond and Milo where making drops that blew as all away on some solid days.

So stay tuned guys as Capt Albert is back on the Nomad for another mind blowing trip through some Sumatran perfection.

Capt Adrian

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