Date: 27.12.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Traditionally popular with the older blokes the end of the year trip didn’t disappoint with still plenty of waves to go around. The boys surfin’ every day had a taste of it all with some good swell and variety to start for the first week + , finishing up  kickin’ back at  ol’ faithful Burgers, with the last day seeing the boy’s off providing clean glassy consistent fun on our own. Houso Bob was back onboard again this year and tearin’ the bags out of it as usual. Asked me not to pin up any pics of him though as he has some ongoing issues with his blog on the dunny wall (, not to mention the department and a few crimson necks that just don’t quite get it. No wuzzas Bob yer identity’s safe with us.

Thanks to Tony, Simon, the 2 Petes, Drew, Paul, Rob n Steve…… and Houso Bob for keeping us all entertained, Cheers


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