Date: 24.10.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter October 3 – October 14

The boys scored a dream run on this little 11 night outing. They thought they’d gone back in time as Mango continually showed up at quality breaks with no other surfers in sight.

Kenno was back for his second tour of the year accompanied by friend, Matt, they slotted in smoothly with the younger frothers from the Central Coast and Sydney, enjoying the banter n’ beers after each wave feast, marking the end to another day of fun in the haze.

Yep we are still trippin’ on red suns up here, floatin’ around like a ghost ship, appearing out of nowhere, and then disappearing over that invisible horizon. Mango, in ultimate stealth mode. Cheers


– Mark

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