Date: 25.05.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

May 7 – May 23

The Nth Avoca crew flew in to the Telos this time to begin their 16 night Indo adventure. High tailing it outer there the first night, after poaching a feed of sashimi, chasing a bit of juice found us in uncrowded climes milking what there was of the available swell conditions.

Plenty of fish finding there way onboard too with a score on every mission. Lots of Doggies, blue trevally and the 11.5 kg wahoo taking the prize, thanks eh Dick.

Some sly seshes on our way south again, and a bit of an annoying weather system to coincide with the first big swell had us utilizing the Foxy as usual to mow down those logistics. Some beaut clean seshes out in the sticks made the HTs circus swingby visit look very ordinary eh.

Great to catch up again boys and also to Dicko Reed who I hadn’t seen since our apprenticeship days some 40 years ago. Anya mate.

Cheers fellas…


Captain – Mark

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