Date: 25.08.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

What better way to celebrate makin’ 60 years headway on this still magical planet than to accompany your mates on a tropical Indo wave fest.

Yep Freddo hits the big number and plenty of lips, still fit, healthy, getting pitted n’ layin’ rail. Should be an inspiration to all you ol’ fellas to stop whingin’ about the old war wounds, eat ya veges, get off the piss and keep surfin’ till ya drop.

Doddsy got some good ones and entertained all as usual with his musicianship, impromptu lyrics and some fairly gay kickouts that have been immortalized in digital for his daughter’s viewing pleasure.

Sorry didn’t put them up on the site mate, but we have a reputation to uphold. Thanks again Phil n Pommy for your emails of appreciation and compliments, and to all you blokes on this trip for being a pleasure to sail with. Cheers.

– Mark

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