Date: 26.06.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Nomad  Surf Report 

by Lennox Chell, 11 years old

Departed Padang Harbour 1800hrs Friday 12th June, 2015.


The boys were absolutely hilarious. Pudd and I were in a competition to see who could surf the most. I beat him by 2. I had 40 surfs and he had 38 surfs in 11 days. I heard stories i’ve never heard of and I don’t want to repeat to my Mum. I don’t think i’ve seen as many bintang’s drunk in my life.

We started off with pumping 6-8ft HT’s breaking all the way from out the back past the surgeon’s table. I was sitting down the line a bit waiting for the smaller waves, Mark got picked up and sucked over onto the reef on a bomb. He paddled back out with a giant cut on his back giving him the name Mr Reef Tattoo. Slab charger was getting barrelled off his head but on one wave he tried pulling through the back of a set and it snapped his board and flogged him. He then got washed over the reef but his leg rope got stuck on a piece of coral and He said he almost drowned. He goes to Hawaii every year and said that was the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

Then we headed down south to Thunders. I had probably the best surfing day of my life. I had 4 surfs and got so many epic barrels.

We then headed further south to a place called the “Hole”. By the end of the first day it was about 4-6ft. It was such an intimidating wave. It looked like Teauphoo.The next day was scary as hell. I didn’t go out so “Idiota”, “The Doctor”, “Mr Reef Tattoo” and myself headed over to Moots in the mighty Boomerang the Nomad’s 7m speedboat. Then we watched the “Tube Pig”” and the Slab Charger” get some crazy barrels for the rest of the arvo. We spent 1 more day down there and Pudd definitely got the deepest and best barrel of the trip before we headed back up to Maccas. I had such a sick day as I had 5 surfs and spent 9 and a half hours in the water. The rest of the trip we got fun waves as the swell dropped. Then Situ cooked up an incredible lasagna (my favourite) to top of an awesome trip.


Nomad Crew_

Captain_ “Kardir” (Popeye, awesome, funniest and coolest skipper)

Cook_ “Situ” (Master Chef, Never stopped cooking the tastiest food every day)

Engineer_ “Besta” (Always happy and willing to help)

Deck Hand_ “Aweng” (Happy, super funny and always enjoyed helping everyone)

“Chris” (Put us on the “Hole” pumping)

The Indonesian crew were amazing and made the trip a really enjoyable experience.


Ship Mates “Nomads Nine”_

Pudd (Surfing machine “idiota”) from 13th beach, Vic

Macca (Mr Bintang) from Canarvon, WA

Benny (Slab charger) from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Simo (The heavy weight wrestler) from Yallingup, WA

Wilbur (The Doctor) from Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Mark (Mr Reef Tattoo) from Port Lincoln, SA

Jimmy (The snore machine) from Melbourne, Vic

Dad (Tube Pig) and myself (The Frother) from Avoca Beach, NSW


Words by Lennox Chell AKA “The Frother”

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