Date: 27.02.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Starting out with a smooth night sailing the Mangalui guests woke to light off shores and soiled HT’s. With john being on his first Ment’s trip he was the most enthusiastic of the crew, and was first off the boat.

Getting stuck into the action, finding the surgeons table before long didn’t deter him one bit and wasn’t the last time he found the bottom. Managing to find the reef just about every break we surfed, spending plenty of time in the barrel his reward for pushing the limits on every wave.

After a great start we headed south and surfed 4 days of perfect lefts making the most of glassy early morning conditions. ‘Tropsky’ destroying the odd lip or two with an impressive back hand attack, after countless waves and with natural footers far out weighing the goofy’s.

It was only a matter of time before the vote was made and we set sail for a classic arvo session, at a fun right-hander. Where mike was laying down some classy turns. With a dropping swell forecast we continued north into the playgrounds area thanks to captain Albert. Checking out the best of what was on offer meant another 2 days of fun clean waves on our own.

With a drop in the swell, Pager came through with the entertainment including a stand up comedy act and great renditions of Jimmy Barnes classics. Keeping everyone one in hysterics and rounded off another fun 2 weeks on the Mango.

– Amos..

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