Date: 27.04.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

This morning the Nomad team sailed into port full of smiles after a really nice run through the Mentawai Islands.

Setting out we ran into some heavy weather and had to push through numerous storms to reach the Islands. By day break we reach sheltered waters and the boys wasted now time getting to know the waves of Mentawai.

The early stages of the trip were in a small swell, we managed sniffed out some fun little waves and after our rough trip out we were now surfing in perfect conditions. Now sitting on a building swell the boys were right in their element surfing all day. First in last out and represented the Nomad in great fashion.

With the swell peaking we hit some of the gems that are a bit hidden from the swell and as the swell dropped we targeted the reefs open to the swell giving us good sized waves for days on end. The Avoca boys filled the Nomad with good energy and bright burning spirits. Check out just a few of the great pictures.

– Captain Albert.

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