Date: 21.06.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

G’day again lads,

Well the Nomad has returned safely back to Padang with another wild journey sailing through the islands on our surf fueled adventure. We had the boys from the sunny coast come out with us on this trip.

Even though we were hounded by northerly winds for the trip, the use of the Boomerang enabled us to dodge and weaved our way through the islands at every opportunity. Chasing that wave that had the wind blowing up the face that little better. But when all else failed Timmy aka Rex Hunt would have a lure for every change in weather condition, but is was god lure that shone through time and time again landing Tomo a Wahoo worth driving to Indo and back for.

As AB put in a no hold bars performance in a crowed murky line up, pulling out the barrel of the trip, Asher and Wardy a combined 15hrs a day of surf time getting they fair share of tube time.

Through it may have been hard work getting Shauno ready for a Booma run in less than 1 ½ hrs. Once out in the water he’d light up pulling in to some of the more solid barrels of the trip.

Jirah was throwing fins out at every opportunity, not to mention an impressive amount tube time clocked up. Bullan in-between thinking parts of his body were turning into the Incredible Hulk and catching buckets of fish, still found time to slip through the door into wide open green room, and in the dying hours of the trip when we thought it was all over, we were given a glimpse of the perfection that we have all heard of from time to time with right hand barrels reeling down the reef.

Chad is out with the boys on the next one, so I’ll catch you all again next time.


– Captain Adrian

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