Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 27.10.16
Swell: 2 - 3 ft
Wave Frequency: 13.5 sec

A great time of year within the intertropical convergence zone providing doldrum winds and postcard perfect weather conditions, pleasing all of our family groups. Surfing, snorkelling, fishing, massages and day spa visits have been keeping the current guests happy here at RLZ.

Current guests Ellie-Jean and Jackson Coffey have been putting on quiet a show in the playful Telo Islands conditions. It’s been great hosting the team at SurfStitch, Swell and Billabong for the past 10 days, we look forward to seeing the content that comes from their time with us.

The forecast looks nice with an increase in the swell, with anticipation is high.


– RLZ Guide Team


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