Date: 28.09.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter September 17 – September 28

The trip started off with windy stormy conditions again, but we were still able to find ourselves parked up at a playful right hander to start things off and get straight into the action.

With the wind not easing up we sailed our way down to the southern Mentawai to get some protected waves and fun with not to many other vessels about. We spent a fair chunk of our trip hiding out of the strong winds everyday and with happy hour fishing trips commensing around 1600hrs every afternoon when the sun did come out.

As the wind finally eased and the swell rose the boys woke up to some of the most mind blowing left handers Indonesia has to offer and we were not too sure whether to give the mesmorising barrels a go. We opted for a nearby right and as the afternoon rolled and the tide pushed, the rods were replaced with a happy hour full of tubes with just a handful of mates in the line up.

Once again by day 10 everyone is falling to bits from the endless amounts of surfing.

The stuff memories are made of. Always good vibes aboard the nomad
– Captain Jake

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