Date: 30.03.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

After Johnny’s eventful trip to Padang, the Nomad headed to Katiet Peninsula, where the boys enjoyed uncrowded fun waves for a few days.

With promise of fresh swell Nomad headed south to try and get one of Mikey’s favourite lefts. Scored a couple of beautiful trout at the hand of Scuba Steve and found an unreal dive site as well.

A day time dash to Thunders proved worthy with perfect late arvo conditions and some punchy ones the next day.

All in all an epic trip some fun uncrowded waves. Thanks fellas p.s. Mitch – Hope Nemo has made a full recovery.

Crew_ Will, Kadir, Bestman, Situ, Edo

– Captain Will

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