Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 26.10.17
Swell: 3-5ft
Wave Frequency: 14secs

First trip on the Mango for these fellas, some having frequented RLZ a few times and now broadening their horizons. Mango made sure we got them into some of the more friendly breaks, as requested for a few of the long boarders. Still getting a taste of some Mentawai pits as we dodged a little foul weather to avoid the rough and getting the boys into some fun sessions away from the fleet.

Came across an Indo fishing vessel in her final death throws, aground, on the open side of Rags and despite the efforts of 8 heavily powered sister boats never looked close to budging. No doubt, destined to be little more than a temporary landmark in that particular location as swells constantly beat against her hull. She now joins an increasingly long list of boats I’ve seen come to their demise over the years in these beautiful tropical waters.

Back in the surf Andy was finding his mojo drawing some smooth lines on his ol’ faithful orange stick. Mike n Marc, the older Bulls content to wait for the sets whilst Jan, Luke and rest of the boys got busy knocking up there wave count. Good natured bunch of dudes, pleasure to have you all on board.

Cheers fellas.

Captain Mark

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