Date: 12.05.11
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Cpt Albert here.

Dropping in at RLZ  taking  advantage of the internet to update the travels of the Nomad. After copping a smashing on the crossing out in the straight we spent the next couple of days scratching up a few little busy waves. With a building swell we decided to make a move against the traffic and steam north and after a night  of traveling we awoke to some perfect waves which made for the next few days of beatings and barrels. I’m stoked to see the boys having a really good go at some big heavy barrels .

For no other reason than a change we moved on again and to the same result but with no one out for two solid days of  surfing with a group of mates sharing really special waves that definitely

scarred  the brain.

That brings me to the resort here and now, back out amongst it tomorrow.

Stay posted, Albert.

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