Date: 03.07.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The fun and the furious.

What an epic trip for waves this past charter has been. Taking the reins from Adrian who is off to start a family later this year, and filling in for Albert who was on a short break (scoring himself some pits in Bali). I was eager to set sail for the Ments after spending the majority of my time in the Telo island chain this past couple of years. It was a great week to be anywhere in Indo really.

With a mixed crew of lads onboard after a short intro and a few Bintangs it was clear this group was going to hit it off straight away.

The first couple of days spent around the Lances area was a nice way to wash of the dust with waves being in the 3 to 4ft range, the persistent north winds still rearing their head in sporadic fashion making for an interesting steak dinner night on the way down south Benny green gills remembers the scenario.

Another day of small but fun waves in the Maca’s area at a couple of spots that were protected from the prevailing wind. Super fun, but the juice was yet to come. The swell reports were still all looking sick for the coming days.

The following day the first of a 3 major swells predicted for the week hit, surfing by ourselves at a solid right hander all day with the exception of ‘one man and a dream’ lone soldier Mr. Zinc. The boys hooked in, stunt Cam was all over the place trying every section on offer. Benny dropping into and getting caught out by bombs, Ash stepping it up after a few years hiatus from the surf scene was impressive and his breaking of equipment spree ensued. The goofys would shine later, not say they didn’t get their share here. Smokin’ Joe was always high on the wave count.

The rest of the trip was just ON! Jimmy Razza aka Doctor Google stepped it up showing the younger lads what it’s all about at the left slab. Shane’o was sitting deep on plenty and doing Rob Bain impersonations on the shoulder. Tommy (young gun) was popping and kicking at everything that went past. Smokin’ Joe missed nothing and cruised into bombs all the way home…

Finishing off with one of the rarer left gems for the last 2 days was a jewel in the crown of the trip. A smooth sail in to town and job done, surfed out and stoke all around. A bag of photo’s as evidence.

Cheers lads for a great time. .

– Captain Chad.

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