Date: 06.09.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

These fellas first surfed up this way on Katika back in 94, early days tickin’ the box A for adventure with Matt. Still making their periodic return to taste the perfection on offer, they were not to be disappointed.

Mango maintaining her commitment to come up with memorable sessions on their own. Frothin’ like groms, always keen for a Foxy mish and introducing one of the sons, Simon into the mix to make sure the wave count stayed high.

Stevo brought his own lure, annointed it with black magic, but she only bagged barracudas. Well, there was that horse of a GT that earned his warrior status and charged off towards the horizon after nearly spooling Stevo before hitting a lucky knot a good 20 metres from the end of the line. Guess that’s why he got so big eh, born to run.

Didn’t really phase Stevo though……….much, he was there more for the beats, beers n banter anyway, eh mate? Good to catch up again fellas. Enjoy the pics.

– Mark

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