Date: 06.10.16
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Rio Crew

Sep 22 – Oct 6

Always a pleasure to catch up with our ol’ Brazo mates. These fellas have clocked up 4 voyages on the Mango over the years, always stoked and easy goin’ in and out of the water. Sharin ‘ n carin’ as only a Latino knows how. Now, I know what ya are all thinkin’. Mark is havin’ a bit of a dig here. Nup , best bunch of cara (dudes) to ever come out of Rio. Even trained me up to swear royally in their local dialect too, so look out, I’m ready to be a traffic cop on our next encounter with Bruno and Kadu’s fleet. Taught me all those impressive phrases, sure to either make me either a friend or two ……. or get caught in a death roll Jiu-jitsu move at some point in the future.

Pedro’s son was psyched to be in on the action on his first trip to the Ments. Flavio still packin’ his best Cougar Bar dance moves.  Yep sure thing , that’s just what the doctor ordered. A little more cultural renewal. ……Sau’de!  Meus irmaos.

– Mark

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