Date: 07.08.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Good to see the Wa boys Lester n Bob back on board, bringing along a few of their mates, with a couple of the girls out there having a crack too..It was off to some more obscure locales this trip, as is the call this time of year for us on the Mango. The crew surfing most of this trip on their own, with some beaut weather and waves. Jake luvin’  those lone seshes he kept scorin’…. , rippin it up, couldn’t believe his luck on his first Mango trip with Bob(his Dad) .A couple of the ol Kalbarri and Gero crew, also getting more than a taste.(Great  to catch up again Matt). Spot keep frothin’ and chargin’ mate. Good fun guys, earnt your Foxy stripes too eh….he he he….. whew.

– Captain Mark

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