Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 07.11.16
Swell: 5-8 ft
Wave Frequency: 18 sec

‘Hughie’ keeps smiling on us, delivering yet another solid Sumatran swell the Telo Island region with the current Resort Latitude Zero guests being treated to absolute tropical perfection.

“The buns are in the bakery and they’re certainly on the cook! A large westerly swell hit yesterday and within hours the waves had jacked in size! A-Grade waves where firing on all cylinders bringing familiar faced old salty sea dawgs to the waves. Captain Wal getting amongst it with some solid sets allowing the bigger boards to be dusted off. The action was all time in the south as well, and the guests were reveling in both left and right tubes. Check out some of the pics from this smoking day here at Resort Latitude Zero, for your viewing pleasure… We LOVE our job!”

-RLZ Guide

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