Date: 07.08.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The Nomad has just rounded out another great trip through the Mentawai Islands.

The NZ boys were in great spirits making the most of every moment of the trip. The boys always looking for new options in an effort to stay clear of the other boats in the area and managed to get plenty of solo water time.

Nice consistent swells lit up our 11 day trip giving the boys plenty of time in the tube, whamming of the crispies and wetting their rails all over the island chain.

After a great run in the Island chain it was time for us to pay our dues, this came in the form of a heavy weather crossing back to Padang that even had our chef “Hotman” scared. After a bang crash night the boys all came out on top with another Mentawai adventure story to add to the list.

Cheers boys hope to see ya soon.


Capt. Albert

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