Date: 09.06.12
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The Nomad has just arrived back into the Padang harbour and as all good seafarers knows with the boat arriving so do many stories and this trip was no exception. This adventure seemed to have it all stitches, grazes, bruises, storms, fish, chickens, mushroom, full moon parties, hair cuts and some amazing waves all the good stuff really.

Early on we stuck it out and with a small swell running we hit some of the small swell locations and although busy we were able to duck and weave around the pack and had very little trouble with the mob. Thanks to our fast boat the “Boomerang” for the stealth missions and the boys for those early starts.
A few days into the trip a swell was starting to bear down on the Sumatran Islands along with some strong North wind so it was time to make a dash for it. After a heavy nights steaming we were right where we wanted to be and were not let down. With a variety of waves from heaving slabs to long peeling walls all on our door step had the Central Coast boys throwing down some big turns and great tube rides.
After a small taste of life on the Nomad we are heading back out tonight on the next charter and will be straight back into the action.
See you soon Capt. Albert
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