Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 09.11.16
Swell: 3-6 ft
Wave Frequency: 13 sec

It’s been another amazing run of super fun waves here on the equator, with Resort Latitude Zero guests getting more surf time on a daily basis than they can keep up with.

South of the resort has been firing the past couple of days and have had some all time conditions here locally around the resort. Today, we surfed three different spots with off-shore barrels.

It’s been like groundhog day – Head out early, score perfect waves, come home to our paradise island in the afternoon with empty esky’s and reminisce on another cracking day in the water.

Stay tuned in for more from the guests and guides here in the Telo Islands, Sumatra, as this swell doesn’t show any signs of abading any time soon!

-RLZ Surf Guide Team


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