Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 13.05.21
Swell: 3-4 ft @ 205°
Wave Frequency: 16 sec

The fishing is ON!…and that is not to say the waves have been bad. The waves have been epic too- lefts, rights, north, south.

The expected south swell peaked on Monday with plenty of residual energy on the back side giving us a plethora of options and variety for surfing this week.

But there is only so much perfect surf the body can take and when took a break from surfing and tried our hand at the lines a couple of times, bam, the lines lit up too.

What a great week it has been out on the water at Resort Latitude Zero.

Looking ahead, we have a few quiet days on the wave front before more swell activity develops over the weekend.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team ✌

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