Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 26.09.19
Swell: 1-2 Ft
Wave Frequency: 13 Seconds

Tiny swell and strong winds right across Sumatra for the past few days has kept a lid on froth levels this week and our hard working guides and marine team have been doing overtime to keep everyone out and about making the most of what is available out there. Even in the most testing conditions all guests are getting plenty of water time with multiple surf sessions daily and mixed in with alternate ocean activities of diving and fishing.

September & October are considered great fishing months with high activity on the surface at the moment and good afternoon catches almost guaranteed. With the Indian Ocean swell machine still looking a little sleepy for another day or so the lines will be out again this afternoon chasing the big catch.

The weekend forecast is looking promising for wave heights with back to back overlapping swells in the 4-6ft range from 2 separate storm sources and we are all ready to sink our teeth into some overhead juice again.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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