Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 15.10.18
Swell: 3-6 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-15 Seconds

Great bunch of lads from Vic.

The Mango mid-season has just served up a classic August trip to the Victorian boys. Swell, fish, wind, storms ,reef rash, rain, hail, sunshine and plenty of laughs was the common theme of the trip.

The weather up here has been a real mixed bag at the moment and keeping the Mangalui /Foxy combination on high alert to execute any strike missions on them magic windows.

The boys all had great trip and all scored their quota of classic waves and some of the boys a few more but in the end the bodies come crumbling down as the aftermath of 9 adventure filled days caught up it was time to dial it all back and take the gentleman approach for the last two days of the trip.

Cheers legends.

The captain  Mangalui

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