Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 28.03.19
Swell: 2-4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 15 Seconds

Scoring perfect waves before surf season!

The boys from Cronulla are in full gear and once again the Telo Islands are delivering the goods. The coming surf season hasn’t started yet but as you can see from the photos the guests at Resort Latitude Zero are scoring perfect waves. The lads are well travelled Indo veterans and have slid right into the groove here at our luxurious resort in West Sumatra.

The boys surf all day and party all night and just keep on rocking. They are here to break records and take advantage of some quality time with old friends. The surf forecast is showing a trend of smaller surf for the coming days, but if the wind cooperates we will be targeting an old favorite that usually offers emerald green tubes, sunburned eyes and sand up your nose. Fingers crossed for this and for the next bump in the swell on the weekend. Check back with us to see what we score.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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