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Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 23.05.19
Swell: 2 - 4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-16 Seconds

Once again we steam back into port, what an epic trip, jeez we covered some miles & scored fun waves every single day.

The trip consisted of 11 nights with some special return guests, they knew what they wanted and that’s what we gave them.

The trip started off with a banging swell from the West, gave us plenty of options for the first few days, with light and variable winds it was pretty easy to find glassy left or right handers, often after a solid surf under the belt we hopped in the foxy lady (speed boat) and ducked around the corners to mix it up and out run the crowds.

As the swell started to die down we managed to score a swell report to find another pulse on the way so after making a joint decision we made our way to the next destination just as the sun rose we steamed around the point, the lads on the bow waiting with anticipation ‘WOW’ not a boat in sight this left hander was reeling down the point 4-5ft tubes, we were on!

After a couple of days at this firing left hander we knew the swell had to calm down after a quick & early dawn strike surf we made our way to shore for a ‘cultural day.’

We checked out the king’s palace and kept ourselves entertained some more adventurous than others we tracked thru the rainforest to come across some amazing waterfalls and to finish the day a few beers on the point.

The last couple of days the swell was small and we had to head to the old faithful magnets, was a perfect few days to unwind with fun 3ft waves after such a great trip.

Stay tuned for the next trip swell reports are looking exciting….

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