Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 06.05.19
Swell: 2 - 6 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-18 Seconds

The mighty Mango steams out to the Ments for another surf charter, all new guests on top deck sipping ice cold binnys whilst the chef fires up the BBQ, what a way to start the trip.

We were headed straight across to the Tuapejat region for the first bit of the new SW swell due to arrive.

Day one was a cracker we let go the anchor at sun rise with a boat full of kiwi legends they were super stoked with head high left hand tubes to get limbered up for the next 10 days.

After another cracking day and a half, some weather appeared on the report so we decided to make our move and get heading south to baton down for the afternoon, spearfishing and trolling for the arvo anchored up inside a majestic  tropical island.

As the winds backed off we couldn’t keep Dodzy on the boat, every break we passed his board would be waxed up and off the boat before the anchor was down, the other frothing kiwis were not long after.

We managed to secure a spot at ‘Maccas’ two days in a row, ‘’its got to be one of the most fun playful waves ever’’ 3 – 4ft light offshore winds with not too much company made for another epic few days.

The Mango ventured further south to come across some memorable uncrowded sessions, everywhere we went it seemed the other vessels were headed the other direction, most days surfing with the just Mango crew we had a ball.

Like all trips they have to come to an end, we set the fishing lines and head back to port, we cant wait to see the Kiwi crew back again next time.

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