Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 23.04.18
Swell: 3 - 5 Ft
Wave Frequency: 16 Seconds

20.04.18 – This week looks epic with light winds up to 20 second swell periods and an abundance of swell.

What a start to the season opening swell. Today being the first day of many sure did live up to the hype and forecast everyone has been talking about. Long period swell, favourable winds and empty waves is what a tropical surf holiday is all about with the bonus of sharing it you’re your family and friends. That’s what we are all about at Resort Latitude Zero. And keeping the stoke alive of course. Plenty of waves on the forecast over the next several days and today being just a tease looks like it’s going to be an amazing week. As pictured below we way live in the land of rights but when it’s on there is still plenty of world class lefts waiting for you.

Enjoy your weekend because we know we sure will. Yours truly surf guide team at resort latitude zero.

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