Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 22.08.22
Swell: 4-5ft @ 207°
Wave Frequency: 14 sec

Resort Latitude Zero’s guests have been pinching themselves this week wondering if this is all a dream. The boys from Perth in the South House were certain Jurassic’s was going to be the session of the trip before they scored six hours of solitude at Bombers Left. 

Surf guide Rory used his local knowledge to duck and weave other surfers putting the Sydney lads into solo sessions at Rangas and the Shoe, while John had his guys at one of Resort Latitude Zero’s favourite waves, Sipika.

We are expecting a slight downward swell trend moving into the weekend with wave heights in the chest to head high range before a new West swell fills in next week.

Have a great week and remember, here at Resort Latitude Zero, ‘The Stoke is Real’

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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