Date: 06.08.18
Swell: 6 - 10 Ft
Wave Frequency: 18 - 20 Seconds

July 25- The day the monster swell arrived Indonesia….and the Mentawai Islands lit up !

The Nomad sailed out to meet it hosting a bunch of good fellas from Yamba and Angourie.

With the ocean alive we started off with some dreamy Telescopes to warm the fellas up, then waxed our guns up for the afternoon mega session around the corner as the swell peaked. Some perfect solid 10 footers where there for any takers keen to have a dig.

With the swell showing no sign of disappearing we had the name break on our mind and scored some awesome sessions at empty Greenbush and empty Macaronis empty.

We soon set sail to the southern region of the Mentawai scoring along the way and hitting some of lesser known locations on the map with Nomad regularly the only vessel in site for most of this trip.

Fishing was popular, although losing more fish then landed but It was all about the surf this trip. One of the best by far !

Swell size: 6-10 foot

Period:18-20 seconds

Crowd factor: only boat in the channel


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