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Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 26.08.19
Swell: 4 - 8 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-18 Seconds

With an average looking swell report we knew the first few days were going to be tough, with not much swell and a lot of wind on the forecast, we decided to hang it out in a nice protected cove for the first few days, surfing fun chest high waves.

Once we saw the first pulse we made the bolt, trying to beat any other boats to the next spot, with the strong SE trades there weren’t many spots that would light up, we decided to take the gamble and head down before anyone else made the move.

We surfed clean offshore waves almost everyday and had heaps of fun!

It’s looking like an interesting swell and wind forecast ahead, as we stock our provisions and get fired up to do it all again.


Mango & crew

Stay tuned for the next trip swell reports are looking exciting….

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