Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 20.12.18
Swell: 4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 10 Seconds

Fun clean sessions going down at some prized locations…

Family holidays is what it is all about this time of year at Resort Latitude Zero. This week we have a family from Melbourne enjoying the quiet line ups of the Telo Islands. They literally jumped off the plane into two sessions that can only be described as “trip makers”. While the two boys get their fill of Sumatran juice, mom and daughter are taking full advantage of our luxurious resort and day spa. Dad unfortunately has a shoulder injury, so he is on the sidelines screaming in the channel as they get the rides of their lives. As you can see by the tattoo on his arm, he is committed to the cause and a permanent member of the RLZ tribe.

The surf is forecasted to drop off a bit towards the back half of this week, but if the winds stay favourable there is always a place to surf around the resort. A small long period swell has popped up on the charts for Christmas, so we will see what Huey “Claus” delivers.

The RLZ surf guide team.

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