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04 Jul 2019

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I’ve returned home to Brissie, but I’m not exactly returning ‘fresh’. In fact, I’m buggered! Totally and completely surfed out, BUT, I’m totally and completely satisfied and stoked. I think there were four swells during the ten days I was there. Unbelievable! I surfed my nut off!
The resort was epic, just like three years ago. I’m hard pressed to think of anything that you guys could improve on. The food was always great. Loved the post-surf snacks around the pool. The staff were friendly, helpful and provided excellent service. The room was perfect too.
Our guide Leigh was fantastic. He got us on the best waves every day. I really enjoyed chatting to him out in the lineup on the boat. He was good fun, friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful. Thanks Leigh!
I’ll be back. Probably next year at this rate.
And finally, thanks for your help and service Deb. Much appreciated.
Kind regards,





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