07 May 2020

While the world takes time out to mend itself let’s look back at some epic sessions and stories of Resort latitude Zero’s first dozen years…..

For those of you wondering, Resort Latitude Zero is highly committed to supporting our wonderful staff during these difficult times, some have been with us for over 20 years.

We managed to get all full time senior foreign expat staff and their families gathered to Resort Latitude Zero for safe isolation just in time before total lockdown was put in place. All younger part time surf guides made it home to Oz and their families safely in time before international flights were stopped.
With all sea and air travel currently suspended in Indonesia, we also managed to get all non Telo staff out in time and they will ride this out at home with their families, still employed and on reduced and fair wage. All local staff from Telo area remain full time and on a full wage maintaining and improving the property and assets ready for your return.

Indonesia is still very much in lock down, which will be a very difficult time on all muslim families during Ramadan and Idul Fitri this month.

In respect of the people and authorities of Indonesia and their ongoing efforts to contain the Corona virus outbreak we will continue to refrain from weekly surf reports until we feel it’s a cool thing to start sharing with you again.


In the meantime have some fun with us revisiting some epic moments at RLZ and we really look forward to getting back to “Surfing The Way You Dreamed It Should Be” again soon.


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